It’s a pleasure to launch Far From Fantasy, a blog dedicated to fantasy football and helping you succeed in it! Whether it’s season-long or daily fantasy sports (DFS), we at FFF are excited to start giving out advice!

I’ll say the same here that I tell everybody else; luck is always going to be a factor in whether you win or lose. It’s really that simple – the stats could point to an amazing day for your players, but a few things go wrong and then all of a sudden, you’re losing that week by 20+.

A little about me – my name is Patrick. I may not be a professional as of right now, but I’m on track to complete a degree in Mass Communications (Sports Journalism) next year. Where my degree takes me could be anywhere; News, Sports Information, Media Relations.. there are a lot of paths I could take. But my dream job would be to work with a major company like ESPN, NFL Network, Yahoo!, DraftKings or FanDuel as a fantasy analyst! I wanted to start this blog because there are so many people that play fantasy football and not a lot of people are well-versed in it. There’s so much info to sift through that it can be hard to know what to make of it all. My goal is to just get to the hard truth of it all and provide stats and other info to support my choices.

So why listen to me? Well, let me tell you a story about a little luck and a lot of happiness:


During the 2017 NFL season, FanDuel offered a free, single-entry contest throughout the regular season called the “Golden 5” – you’d pick a QB, two RBs and two receivers (WR/TE). The player with the perfectlineup (best possible combination of 5) would win the prize, which started out in Week 1 at $200K. Each week the prize wasn’t won, it would jump $20K – so by Week 17, no one had won and the prize climbed to $340K.

So Week 17 they decided to change the rules a bit; instead of needing the perfect lineup, you just had to be in 1st place to get the money. Long story short… I was one of 24 people to tie for 1st place! I was ecstatic – a little over $14,000 for a free contest!

Now obviously it required a little luck – but I had a good idea of who was going to do well based on who needed to play their starters and who didn’t. JuJu Smith-Schuster was primed for a big day against the Browns – Antonio Brown was already ruled out due to it being Week 17 and the Steelers having already clinched the playoffs. Dion Lewis was going to get a lot of carries because the Patriots needed the win against Buffalo to clinch the #1 seed.

This is my biggest win thus far in DFS, and I’m looking for more.. but I’d love to help some of you get a story like mine one of these days!

Thank you for checking out Far From Fantasy!